antiquario sintetico

Ink on mylar

The human body slowly deteriorates with age; concealing outfits and plastering make up treatments have been reinvented again and again to provide cover up solutions. Even invasive surgical strategies have been developed to help hide the truth of age. Similar design strategies have been employed to set contemporary works of architecture apart from their historical counterparts. The driving force for the assembly of this drawing heavily relies on the revealing of what is typically disguised: passage of time. One's movement through space is tracked inside a roman leather goods shop to divulge spatial qualities in terms of animated circulation vs. static display of inanimate objects. In turn spatial functions are brought to the forefront exposing frequency of use in literal terms. This is an attempt in confronting the notion of "form follows function" and beginning to understand or at least analyze literal physical consequences of such a suggestion. Further transformation of the first two-dimensional tracking diagram into a three-dimensional folded, nipped and tucked model made up of only lines proposes that perhaps physical use of space is not so straight forward but rather complex and reliant of many elements.