stereotomic primer

Optical Aberration attempts to produce a visual discrepancy using the ambiguity between the reading of a built object from a drawing and a photograph. A serial accumulation of these three modes is harvested through a projection drawing process that leads to the making of objects and studying their shadows through photographs. This process is also reversible. The shadow of an original vault is unrolled and built as a three dimensional object. This object is then photographed and built again. This process is repeated in order to produce a number of objects and shadows. While the shadows are identical in theory, once put on top of each other produce a discrepancy. The overlap of these shadows is intended to result in an optical aberration. The result of this manifestation is several hybrid frames (drawing, photograph and model). This strategy is expected to manipulates the spectator’s depth perception and provides a visual contortion. Methods of aberration may differ from one hybrid model/drawing to the next in order to reinforce further disorder and abnormality. Color is used to further blur the lines between the three named methods and provide an aid to bending the visual conception of the work.